What is Bieri Auto?

We are a small company in San Diego California that provides auto body repair to the public community. As for experience, we have been doing this for many years. We are well rounded and can handle almost any job you give us. We have worked on things that are very small like small dings, cracked windows, and large dents. Also, we have worked on very large repair jobs. Small repairs to big repairs, we can repair any automobile that you bring to us!

Why choose us?

The simple answer is that we do quality work every single day. We charge fair prices for a great service. There have been very few jobs that our skilled workers could not handle. We work on a large variety of vehicles. Even though we are a simple company, we can handle tasks that are very complicated. We offer some of the greatest auto repair in San Diego, CA. We are a quick, professional, and excellent service that can handle all of your needs in a timely manner. You will not be disappointed if you decide to use us.


Our customers are always satisfied with our services. Most of our customers go ahead and recommend us to their friends and family. Also, most people who use our services come back time and time again. That's right, our services are so good that people will come back to us whenever they need something repaired on their automobile. We are not worried at all about competition because we know our services are some of the best in the city and our customers are very loyal to our small company. Heck, that's why we call ourselves "Bieri Auto"! We look forward to doing business with you next time you need some repairs!